Friday, October 10, 2008


Faisal Malik is a performing artist who founded the Thespianz Theater in Karachi City, Pakistan.

Portland, Oregon

Cyrus Smith is an artist living and working in Portland Oregon. He is currently studying the social structures of society and the movement of artists within it.


Jay One is a street artist with a revolutionary mind.


Wonder Root is a collective of politically conscious artists in Atlanta Georgia.


Elihu Galvan is an artist working and living in Helsinki, Finland.

Los Angeles

Jones Welsh is a performing artist in Los Angeles, California.

Boston, Massachusetts

James David Morgan is an artist and activist living and working in Boston, Massachusetts.


Antonia Folguera is an artist and activist striving to create a better place within the copy written laws that artists struggle with. She is currently fighting for a stronghold within an artists protection of creative commons.